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A big fan of the Indian cuisine! Want to make sure that you can experience a variety of dishes from the various parts of India? Well, then you will have to dine once at Nirvana in Cambridge or order in from them at your home.

When it comes to Indian cuisine you have to remember that there are a number of states in the country and each state comes with its own delicacies and hence Indian is such a cuisine that just the moment you think that you have tried out everything, something or the other will turn up that you did not have any idea about. So here are some Indian dishes that you cannot give a miss when you are enjoying a nice meal at Nirvana:

  1. Well this is a very popular dish throughout the world – the Indian kebab. These are basically prepared in an earthen oven with meat pieces that have been marinated in spices and sauces for quite some time. These are not only delicious but are extremely light as well and make some of the best starter items that one can hope for. So if you are thinking about the perfect starter to your meal, this is something that you can always opt for.
  2. When it comes to starters, you can actually choose from a wide range of options. If you are craving for something vegetarian and spicy, then you do have to try out the aloo tikki, which is a dish prepared with potatoes and other spices and sauces. If you are looking for something on the lines of fried onion rings but essentially non-vegetarian then you should try out fish pakoras, which are balls of meat cooked in a heavy coated batter. These are two starter items that you have to try out at least once.
  3. Once of the ideal lunch combinations when it comes to the Indian cuisine, is a side dish of a heavy and thick curry of goat meat which will be simply dipped in spices along with a plateful of rice. You can have it with a bowl of simple white rice to give you the perfect flavor of a typical Bengali Indian lunch. You can also try it out with biriyani which is a classic north Indian dish. Biriyani is prepared with rice cooked with flavors and pieces of chicken or a meat of your choice.
  4. If you are looking for something a litter lighter and from the southern part of the country, then you have to have dosa. Made from a finely powdered mixture of lentils and rice and served with a side of different kinds of sauces, these crispy treats are typically non-spicy and light in nature.
  5. And finally when at Nirvana, do try out their special nirvana dinners which will serve you a plethora of items. Depending on your appetite and preference you can go for the vegetarian thali or the non-vegetarian thali. These dishes generally consist of rice, Indian breads, a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sides and a desert at the end.

So, when you are planning on enjoying a nice Indian meal, you have to try out these lovely dishes from Nirvana!

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