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Feel the Real Essence of Food with Nirvana Cambridge


If you want to stay with the essence of your culture, lifestyle and land then there is nothing better than food. You can always eat a specific dish and recall all those scrumptious memories from the past.

There are destinations like Nirvana Cambridge that caters you the richness of past and tang of present served on your plate. You get what you desire and there is no shortage of satisfaction. They have a variety of aromatic eatables cooked with various spices, particularly saffron. The mission of this brand is to suffice the bodies, souls and minds of people with flavors & tang of food. The point is to make the eater happy and blessed. Whatever your age is, they can bring a smile on your face right away!

Enjoy Your Occasion to the Fullest

Whether you are having a small birthday bash, a promotion treat or a simple gathering with friends; you can try out some really scrumptious starters, fulfilling dishes and satisfying desserts. There are options like AlooTikki, Chicken Tikka, Fish Pakoras, Fried JhingaPoori, Meat Samosas, PaneerPakoras, ReshmiPakoras, Vegetable Pakoras, and Vegetable Samosas and so on to make the occasion more personal and special. After all, when you are hosting a small occasion, it gets your responsibility to cater your favorite dishes, food items and cuisines to your guests.

Light evenings with Nirvana Cambridge

There can be absolutely light evenings in the busy and hectic life. You can simply have something really calming, fulfilling and delicious to feel ease and happy. Soups, how often do you try them? Comeon; don’t say that these soups are not your type. Maybe in conventional times people used to have soups when they feel sad or unwell but today soups have become the first choice of people. There are impressive and rich soups like chicken soup, Mulligatawny Soup, Potato Garlic Soup, Tomato Coconut Soup and so on. Whateveris the soup; you can get the right tang from them.

Drench in the flavors of Chicken

Nirvana Cambridge gives you the ease to drench in the flavors of different types of chickens. If you are a real chicken fan then you must not miss out these chicken verities. There are options in chicken dishes that can melt even a stone hearted person. You can pick chickens like Butter Chicken, Chicken 65, Chicken Chili, Chicken Curry, Chicken Do-Piaza, Chicken Korma, Chicken Methi, Chicken Mushroom, Chicken Saagwala, Chicken TikkaDaal, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, and Mango Chicken and so on. These chickens have different ingredients and tangs. The flavors of chickens would leave you awestruck.Be it your random evenings, a special family dinner on a weekend, a treat with your friends or a casual lunch; these chicken starters, dishes and soups have the potential to make your time worth remembering.

Thus, Nirvana Cambridge promises you a bowl of satisfaction, happiness, merriment, tang, flavor and fulfillment. It has an impressive range of dishes that are beyond expectations.  Be it chat or a rice specialty; you get that all!

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