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Dishes that you must have for a complete Indian dinner


Are you planning on hosting an Indian dinner at your home? Well, the first thing that you have to understand is that a complete and traditional Indian meal consists of a number of dishes and hence you will have to include quite a few to make it a complete one.

You can always order in from Nirvana, for they offer authentic Indian food and they will have it delivered to your place. Well if you are thinking about getting some good old Indian Food From Ancient Wisdom then here are some of the dishes that you have to have to turn it into a complete north Indian dinner.

For starters

Like every meal, an Indian dinner too comes with starters. These are generally light but when it comes to north Indian dinners are either composed of chicken or paneer. One of the best options is to go with chicken kebabs. They are roasted in an oven with a heavy layer of spices along with some oil. You can go for tandoori chicken which is one of the favourites when it comes to North Indian food. These are generally served with mint and curd sauce which is typically known as chutney. If you want to try out something non vegetarian and want to save the kebabs for later, you can always try out aloo chat or papri chaat, which are popular snack and street food items in India.

For the main course

The main course is the main spread of a typical north Indian dinner and consists of a variety of items. If you want to go all out then opt for both Indian breads like naans and chapattis as well as rice. These can be enjoyed which comes with gravy. If you have decided to miss out on the kebabs as starters you can also serve them with the main course. The most important item is figuring out the side dish. You can order for any kind of creamy and thick gravy dish, but be prepared that it will be spicy. The options that you have in your hand are paneer and chicken dishes. If you want you can go for a side of mutton as well. Make sure that you have at least two to three types of side dishes for people to take their pick from.

If you want to avoid all the hassle, then you should just opt for biriyani which is a wholesome meal in itself and is one of the most popular north Indian dishes. Do not forget to add a side of green salad and a bowl of curd known as raita along with this.

For dessert

No Indian meal can ever be complete without a nice desert. The options are plenty when it comes to ordering a dessert. You can go for gulab jamuns if you are in the mood for something syrupy and deep fried. You always have kulfi and malai as your other options.

There are plenty of dishes that make up a complete Indian dinner. You can try these ones out if you are planning on hosting an Indian dinner at your place.

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